Donor Honor Roll


We appreciate the financial support of alumnae, parents, and friends. We proudly announce the donors to Newcomb Institute, including those that have made gifts to the Newcomb Alumnae Association, during the 2019-2020 fiscal year. Thank you for your support. The Newcomb monies benefit today’s Newcomb Institute programs, just as they benefited students who attended Newcomb College. Funds functioning as endowment support the Newcomb Institute. That amount is now valued at approximately $51 million and generates almost $2.3 million for programs each year. The Newcomb Foundation Board ensures that the Newcomb Institute spends that money wisely. Named endowments support a variety of other activities, including lecture series, research grants, and the Newcomb Archives.

* = Deceased


Eliane Abi-Rached and Bassam Abi-Rached
Barb Agatstein
Nira Agrawal
Marianne Aiken
Lynne Albanese and Frank Albanese
Laura Albert and Justin Albert
Amanda Albin and Keith Murphy
Vanann Allen
Jane Allsopp
Sabina Altman
Kathryn Anderson and Larry Anderson
Samantha Anderson and Erik Anderson
Bethlehem Andrews
Donna Angel
Kara Angelini
Elsa Angrist
Judy Arceneaux and Lynn Arceneaux
Linda Argote and Dennis Epple
Lory Arnold and Jacob Bryan
Gina Arons and Ronald Siegel
Teresa Auch and Michael Auch
Joanne Babin and Edward Babin
Marie-Louise Bahlinger and Max Bixler
Rebecca Baker
Françoise Le Gall and Jeffrey Balkind
Barbara Banner and Spencer Michlin
Sally Banta and Mark Banta
Heidi Barath and Jacob Barath
Brian Barcelo
Janis Barker and Lynn Barker
Gwen Barron and Ron Barron
Diane Baum and John Baum
Emily Baum and Joshua Burke
Nina Baumgartner
Elaine Baylor and Elgin Baylor
Cynthia Beaird and W. Beaird
Joanna Bean
Carol Becker
Alison Bedell
Elizabeth Bellino and Peter Towns
Joan Benjamin
Anne Bennett
Joan Bennett and David Peterson
Katie Berchak-Irby and Matthew Irby
Lauren Bernard
Rose Bernstein and George Bernstein
Rachel Bernstein
Melissa Berry and Steven Berry
Elizabeth Beskin and James Beskin
Lisette Betancourt
Jessica Birch
Lavinia Bircher and Edgar Bircher
Bernadette Birzer
Julia Bland and Wilton Bland
Harriett Bobo*
Joan Bocina and John Cicerello
Elise Bodenheimer
Lucile Bodenheimer and James Holiday
Susan Borrelli
Margaretta Bourgeois and Lionel Bourgeois
Sharon Bourgeois and St Paul Bourgeois
Eleanore Boyse and Matthew Boyse
Carolyn Brath
Carole Bratter
Barbara Braunstein and Ryan Kopperod
Denise Breaux and Trebor Breaux
Barbara Bridges
Deborah Britt and Corbett Britt
Katherine Britton and Paul Gaige
Mary Brogden
Gladys Brooks
Hannah Broussard
Julia Broussard and Daniel Thompson
Katherine Brucker
Paula Buchanan
Elizabeth Bui
Laura Burford and Robert Burford
Mary Helen Burns
Jessica Burt
Denise Butler
Patrick Button
Nancy Cadwallader
Gisele Calderon
Delia Carr
Joanna Carry and Adam Carry
Susan Cator and David Cator
Jane Cease
Mariya Chadovich
Anne Chadwick and Winslow Chadwick
Nancy Chaffe and David Chaffe
Richard Chait
Aisha Champagne
Bonnie Chapman and William Chapman
Doris Chauvin
Elizabeth Chauvin
Mary Chauvin
Lindsey Childs-Kean
Elsie Chisholm
Chun-Chih Chiu and I-Ping Chiu
Patricia Clay and George Clay
Holly Clement and Stephen Clement
Gretchen Cloud and L. Cloud
Adele Cohen
Marilyn Cohen and Jay Cohen
Katherine Colley and Rob Colley
Julie Connick and Edwin Connick
Susan Cook and Clayton Cook
Charlotte Cooksey
Cynthia Cooper and Scott Cooper
Jean Cooper
Elizabeth Cooperman and Robert Cooperman
Heather Corbett
Julie Corcoran and John Corcoran
Frances Cort
Mary Ann Couch and Ellis Couch
Mariana Coudrain
Shannon Couhig and Robert Couhig
Rachel Couper and Eric Couper
Kaye Courington
Sally Cox and John Cox
Nash Cox
Elizabeth Crawford and Keith Crawford
Pamela Crigler and Jeremy Crigler
Lisa Cristal and Bruce Cybul
Vladimir Cruz
Alexandra Cudney
Mildred Currie and William Basco
Ann Curtis and Elliot Curtis
Barbara Cusachs
Martha Cutts and Steven Cutts
Marley Cyrluk and Jonathan Cyrluk
Patricia D’Andrea and Christopher D’Andrea
Karen Daigle
Elizabeth Dalferes
Allison Dandry and Bobby Dandry
Clare Daniel
Jennifer Daniel and Sara Slaughter
Andrea Daniels and Michael Daniels
Barbara Danos and Robert Danos
Frank Daspit
Christy Davidson
Linda Davies and John Davies
Carolyn Davis
Yvette Davis
Sarah Dawkins
Frances Day and Richard Day
Hannah Dean
Stacy DePizzo
Mary Dickson and Brooke Dickson
Jeanne Olivier and Robert Dineen
Ayame Dinkler and Carling Dinkler
Emily Doliner
Dorcas Domenico and George Shaffer
Joan Donovan and Robert Donovan
Annette Doskey
Clare Doyle
Luann Dozier
Sally Drape
Robin Dubin and David Dubin
Gillian Duncan and Raymond Belknap
Jane Duncan and Steve Duncan
Stephen Duncan
Marian Durfey
Elizabeth Dwyer
Catherine Edwards and David Edwards
Paula Eichenbrenner
Lauren Elkin and Matthew Jasie
Carolee Elliott and Stephen Elliott
Kelly Ellis and William Ellis
Victoria Enright and Timothy Enright
Renee Epstein and Jeffrey Epstein
Donna Esteves and Richard Esteves
Merri Ex and Mitchell Ex
Amanda Fagan
Andree Fant and Donald Fant
Siena Farrar
Phyllis Feibelman
Roxanne Field and Michael Field
Marsha Firestone and Monroe Firestone
Briah Fischer
Gladys Fisher and Michael Fisher
Camille Fitzsimmons
Carter Flemming and Michael Flemming
Regen Foley
Louise Foreman and Mark Foreman
Ann Owens and Robin Forman
Eleanor Foster
Patricia France
Diane Frank
Jane Frankel
Gail Frasier
Kathleen Frater and M. Frater
Susan Fredlund and John Shupe
Charles Freeman
Ruth Frierson and Louis Frierson
Ellyn Frohberg
Allyson Funk and Brad Baker
Nancy Gajewski
Emily Galik
Mary Garrard
Joan Garthwaite and Edward Garthwaite
Mary Gebhardt
Leslie Geddes
Jennifer Gelder and Michael Gelder
Ana Gershanik and Juan Gershanik
Elizabeth Gilmartin and J.J. Gilmartin
Barbara Ginsberg and Howard Ginsberg
Rosemary Ginzberg and Michael Ginzberg
Daniel Glaser
Lauren Glaser
Carole Gloger
Jacqueline Gold and Melvin Gold
Gail Gold and Robert Gold
Amy Goldberg and Steven Goldberg
Doris Goldstein and Martin Goldstein
Donna Golub and Seth Golub
Monique Goodwin
Danielle Gorder
Sheila Gorey
Abbey Graf and Jason Graf
Allyson Green
Anna Clare Green
Barbara Greenbaum and Jerry Greenbaum
Emily Greenfield and Aaron Viles
Julie Greenwald
Ericka Griffin and Christopher Griffin
Tamar Grills and Craig Grills
Anne Grotjan
Kathryn Gsell
Victoria Guidry
Nicolette Guillou
Susan Gundlach and James Gundlach
Hannah Hale
Celia Haley
Allyson Halperin
Marilyn Hamly
Grace Hanchrow and Jack Hanchrow
Paige Handley
Courtney Hardie and Stephen Hardie
Amanda Hardy
Gwen Harley and George Harley
Jenny Harms
Sue Harrell and Tommy Harrell
Alexandra Harrington and Michael Harrington
Donna Harrington and Bill Harrington
Ann Harris
Nita Harris
Martha Harris-Smith
Alanna Harrison
Karissa Haugeberg
Nan Heard and Paul Krogstad
Susan Hecht and Richard Hecht
Rosaria Heide and Rudolph Heide
Alyson Hellman and Peter Hellman
Jacquelynn Hendershott and Charles Hendershott
Ingeborg Hendley
Jean Hendrickson and R. Hendrickson
Jane Henning
Julie Henriquez Aldana
Susan Herschlag and Richard Herschlag
Martha Higgins and Christopher Higgins
Daphne Hill
Paula Hill
Winifred Hills and John Hills
Caroline Hinrichs
Mary Hocking-Dodge and Joseph Dodge
Christine Hoffman
Nancy Hoffman and Phillip Hoffman
Paula Hoffman
Emily Holm and Theodore Holm
Reva Holmes and Michael Holmes
Kellie Hope
Jan Hopkins and Marc Hopkins
Louise Horn
Jacquelyne Howard and David Howard
Suzanne Howell and Russell Howell
Adonija Hoyt and Wade Hoyt
Linda Hsu
Emma Hurler
Alice Hurler and Joseph Hurler
Patricia Hurley and Kim Hill
Dolliann Hurtig
Madison Hurwitz
Andrea Huseman and Jeffrey Huseman
Nancy Inabnett and Carrick Inabnett
Mary Irvine*
Jane Jacobs and Douglas Jacobs
Julie Jacobs and Angela King
James Jacobson
Anita Jarrett
Sarah Jernigan
Jean Jew
Jean Johns
Dolly Johns and Michael Johns
Mary Ellen Johnson and Stephen Johnson
Mary Johnson and Ted Percle
Peggy Johnson
Victoria Johnson
Greg Johnston
Jennifer Jolly
Melinda Jones and Albert Jones
Yvette Jones and Jacob Jones
Elizabeth Juge and Christopher Juge
Melanie Justice
Ricki Kanter and Joel Kanter
Susan Kantrow and Byron Kantrow
Paige Kapp
Charel Katz
Stephen Kennedy and Chris Keaghey
Sarah Kearney and Patrick Kearney
Esther Kelly and Francis Kelly
Patricia Kelly
Tasha Kelly
Ann Kenney and John Kenney
Sally Kenney and Norman Foster
Ann Keogh
Jeila Martin Kershaw
Margot Kimmel
Suzanne Kinney and David Kinney
Lucinda Kittrell
Samantha Klein and Mike Melrose
Mary Kock
Lynn Koff
Sue Korach and Jeffrey Korach
Mary Koss and Eugene Koss
Jennifer Kottler and Robert Kottler
Leslie Kramer and William Kramer
Molli Kuenstner
Kirsten Kuhlmann
Mitzi Kuroda and Stephen Elledge
Barbara Kurshan
Katherine Kusner and Michael Kusner
Renee Labadie and Pablo Labadie
Amanda LaBella
Corinne Laborde and Kenneth Laborde
Beverly Lamb
Elizabeth Landry and Michael Landry
Jacklyn Lane
Sally Lapeyre and James Lapeyre
Andrea Lapsley and Robert Lapsley
Constance Larimer
Sandra Lassen
Christina Le-Short and Aaron Short
Deborah Ledley and Gary Ledley
Blaine Legum-Levenson
Carla Lentz and Edward Lentz
Elizabeth Lentz
Katie Lentz
Mary Ann Leo
Richard Lerner
Lisa Lettau
Sherry Leventhal and Alan Leventhal
Andrea Leverentz
Elisa Levy and Miles Rich
Laura Levy and Walter Levy
Fergie Lewis and Patrick Lewis
Jenny Lewis
Warren Lichtenstein
Barbara Lief
Barbara Livingston and Milton Livingston
Nia Lizanna
Loretta Loftus
Leann Logsdon
Geneva Longlois-Marney and Christi Longlois
Lauren Lugasi
Irene Lutkewitte and Thomas Lutkewitte
Thomas Lynch
Sara Lytle
Athalie Macgowan*
Lynn Maddox
Katye Magee
Charlotte Maheu Vail and Mark Vail
Amanda Mahnke
Anna Mahoney and Patrick Mahoney
S. Mahorner
Virginia Maietta
Catherine Makk
Sarah Mallonee
Denise Malone and Thomas Malone
Julie Mandell and Robert Mandell
Sylvia Margolies and Lawrence Margolies
Amie Marney
Helen Marsh
Deirdre Martel and Lawrence Martel
Sally Martin and F. Martin
Suzanne Martin and Terry Martin
Eva Martinez and Andrew Martinez
Mariana Martinez and Adam Martinez
Deborah Marx and Stephen Marx
Jo Mattison
Susan Maynor
Lee Mayo and Gary Gusick
Janice McCabe and Jeremy Vida
Carolyn McCall and William McCall
Sonia McCormick
Anne McCulloch and Edgar McCulloch
E. McGlinchey and Charles Monsted
Elizabeth McHugh and Patrick McHugh
Sarah McKenney
Jean McKinley
Sandra McNamee and Douglas McNamee
Kara McQueen-Borden
Suzanne McShane
Claire McVadon and M. McVadon
Patricia Meadows and William Meadows
Laura Meagher
Joyce Menschel
Katharine Ross-Merrell and James Merrell
Ariel Merritt
Roberta Meyer and Richard Michael
Kimiko Meyers and Charles Meyers
Naomi Meyers
Francine Miguel
Elaine Miller and Aaron Stambler
Lauren Miller
Stuart Miller
Jennifer Mills
Priscilla Mims
Casey Mochel
Sandra Moise and C. Moise
Christine Molaison and W. Molaison
Jeff Morell
Anne Morse and James Morse
Mary Mouton and Deborah Grant
Debbie Mulvenna and Carlo Mulvenna
Lamar Murphy and William Murphy
Martha Murphy
R. Murphy
Stephanie Murphy
Marcy Nathan
Max Nathan
Jossy Nebenzahl
Patricia Nedd-Doski and David Doski
Alison Nelson and David Nelson
Elizabeth Nelson and David Kelley
Evan Nicoll
Lisa Norris
Kacey O’Brien and John O’Brien
Keiren O’Connell and Carrie Ogorek
Colleen O’Donnell
Nancy Offit and Morris Offit
Anneke Olson
Judith Olson and Leonard Olson
Statira Overstreet and W. Rich
Anna Marie Firkaly and Joseph Paciera
Lynne Parrott and John Parrott
Marilyn Davis and Robert Passikoff
Sybil Patten
Amelia Pepper
Katherine Peres
Jean Paul Perrilliat
Clara Perry and Michael Schwartz
D. Phillips
Susan Phillips
Paula Picker and Joel Picker
Diane Plauche and Andrew Plauche
Uwe Pontius
Genevieve Pope and Jeremy Hunnewell
Inell Potter
Gina Prechter and Stephen Prechter
Andrea Price and Todd Price
Jill Prickitt and Mason Prickitt
Evelyn Prince and Julian Prince
Julie Qiu
Mary Quan*
Ann Queen and Richard Shivar
Linda Quick
Mary Martha Quinn and David Quinn
Maureen Quinn
Shelley Quintano and Robert Quintano
Victoria Quiroz-Haden
Mary Radford and Robert Dana
Ruth Radin-Legum and Edward Legum
Johna Randa and Duane Randa
Margie Ratliff
Annette Rau and Jack Rau
Chloe Raub and Daniel Shedd
Dana Ray
Shirley Reddoch and Gregg Petersen
Lisa Rice and Thomas Thompson
Andrea Richardson and Christopher Richardson
Gracibel Rickerfor
Steve Rivera
Patricia Robbert and Stanley Goldberg
Judy Robbert and Randolph Robbert
Suzanne Robbert
Amanda Roberts and Sean Roberts
Shelley Roberts and Jeffrey Roberts
Cathleen Roche and Francis Roche
Gabriel Rodriguez
Joey Rodriguez
Joan Rogers
Sonja Romanowski
Amanda Roques and Christopher Roques
Erica Rose
Betty Lee Rosen
Emily Rosen
Marie Ross and John Ross
Vickie Roubion and Richard Roubion
Andrea Royce and Charles Royce
Melissa Rufty and Alfred Rufty
Erin Rusonis
Hannah Russell
Kathryn Rydberg
Lance Rydberg*
Read Rydberg
Ann Salzer and Earl Retif
Caroline Sampson
Ruth Sang
Teresa Santa Coloma and Lynn Pyke
Aracelly Santana
Leslie Sargent and David Sargent
Olive Sartor
Carolyn Saunders
Sara Scandurro and Timothy Scandurro
Sallie Scanlan
Susan Schaefer
Margie Scheuermann and Milton Scheuermann
Lauren Lee Schewel and Abraham Schewel
Theresa Schieber and Ray Rybak
Janet Schinderman
Ellen Schneidau and Marc Schneidau
Helen Schneidau
Jacqueline Schornstein
Leslie Schroth
Sandra Schwarcz
Alexa Schwartz
Shelley Scott and Thomas Forbes
Sandra Segel and Kenneth Segel
Karen Seltzer and Steven Seltzer
Martha Sessions and George Sessions
Susan Shaffer
Bobbi Jo Shannon
Deborah Shapiro and Dan Shapiro
Michelle Sharp and Jeremy Sharp
Maude Sharp
Ashley Sheed
Brittney Sheena
Erin Sheena
Michelle Sheena
Helene Sheena and Ronnie Sheena
Carole Shlipak and Louis Shlipak
Joseph Shorter
Mary Clare Siegel
Marion Siegman
Whitney Silverman
Dee Silverthorn and Andrew Silverthorn
Jennifer Simoneaux and Robert Simoneaux
S. Singer
Tracey Sirles
Cynthia Skaalen
Deborah Skrmetta and Eric Skrmetta
Carol Slegers and Mark Slegers
Katherine Small
Aidan Smith and Patrick Sullivan
Brooke Smith and Neil Gibbons
Carol Smith
Charlene Smith
Karen Smith
Margery Smith
Janis Smythe and Anthony Smythe
Marilyn Snook
Pamela Spanjer and Byron Spanjer
Judith Steinberg and Sylvan Steinberg
Jerome Steiner
Susan Stine
Elizabeth Stocks
Kerry Stockwell and Jeremy Stockwell
Susan Strachan
G. Stricklin and Stephen Nichols
Beth Sugarman and Edward Sugarman
Ruth Suzman and Andrew Suzman
Marleen Swerdlow
Robert Symon
Nancy Talbot
Laura Tanner and Edwin Tanner
Angela Tarantino and Rockne Schatz
Stephanie Teichner
Tammy Thaggert
Sarah Therriault and Russell Therriault
Patrice Thomas
Mary Thompson and Robert Thompson
Sheryl Thompson
Karline Tierney
Kathleen Timmins
Alisa Toney
Monica Trepagnier and Richard Trepagnier
Janis Trossman and Don Trossman
Sandra Turkel and Richard Turkel
Christine Turner
Edmond Turner
Lizbeth Turner
Patricia Turner*
Bonnie Turner and W. Turner
Ruth Ulmer Cranch
Ernestine Ulrich*
Laura Van de Planque and Michael Van de Planque
Michelle Van Wyk
Marcia VanderVoort and Thomas VanderVoort
Carmen Varley
Allie Verlander and David Verlander
D. Jean Veta and Mary Dutton
Judy Vitrano and Gary Vitrano
Patricia Vorhoff and Gilbert Vorhoff
Sophie Vorhoff and Harry Vorhoff
Robbert Vorhoff
Deborah Wafer and Ralph Wafer
M. Walker
Leigh Anne Wall
Shirley Wall and John Wall
S. Washington
Joan Watkins
Celia Weatherhead
Brittany Weber
Susan Wedlan and Harold Rosen
Apryl Wehner
Kathy Weil
Jocelyn Weinberg
Sue Robin Weinhauer and Robert Weinhauer
Riki Weinstein and Daniel Morrison
Patricia Weiss
Martha Wells and Max Wells
Patricia Westerman
Lauren Wethers
Ansley Whitlock and Thomas Whitlock
Bridget Wicklander
Chloe Wicks
Nancy Wiener
Kelsey Williams
Carol Wise
Judilyn Wise and Michael Wise
Virginia Wise and Kevin Wilkins
Rebecca Wissler
Frankie Wolff
Laura Wolford
Tara Wolman and Steven Wolman
Christine Woolf
Stephanie Riegel and Gregory Woolverton
Heather Yanak
M. Young
Paula Zielonka and Carl Zielonka
Barbara Zinker
Elana Zucker and Brian Zucker


Corporations and Foundations

American Endowment Foundation
Autodesk Foundation
Baton Rouge Area Foundation
Betancourt Stuttering Center
Blue Grass Community Foundation
Boston Foundation
Capital One Financial Corporation
Dallas Jewish Community Foundation
Darryl D. Berger Investment Corporation
Deloitte Foundation
Delta Air Lines Foundation
Collins C. Diboll Private Foundation
Emerson Charitable Trust
Entergy Charitable Foundation
ExxonMobil Foundation
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Georges Lurcy Charitable and Educational Trust
Leonard and Jerry Greenbaum Family Foundation, Inc.
Hampton Roads Community Foundation
Jewish Endowment Foundation
Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta, Inc.
Kahn Education Foundation
Kanter Family Foundation
Lavin Family Foundation
Robert and Joyce Menschel Family Foundation
Nebenzahl-Spitz Foundation
Out of the Box Foundation
Schwab Charitable Fund
Steel Partners Foundation
The Greater New Orleans Foundation
U.S. Charitable Gift Trust
M.B. and Edna Zale Foundation