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NEWCOMB is an annual production of the Newcomb Alumnae Association and the Newcomb Institute. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 issue has been published in an exclusively digital format.

On the cover: Pickle by CC Monett.

A Tulane junior studying Anthropology and Environmental Studies, CC submitted their painting to the Newcomb Archives COVID-19 & Gender Scrapbook. When asked how gender has impacted their experience during the pandemic, CC responded, “I think that non-marginalized groups have now tasted the unequal social atmosphere that marginalized groups have always dealt with before the crisis.”

Artist statement: “Pickle is a finger-painted abstraction made with oil paint and glitter, the only crafts I had around the house.”

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Executive Director
Sally J. Kenney

Managing Editor
Katie Small

Digital Design
Emily O’Connell is a junior at Tulane University from Nashville, Tennessee, majoring in Computer Science and French and minoring in Information Technology. She serves as a Digital Research Intern and an Information Technology Intern for Newcomb Institute, helping Tulane faculty add technical elements to their projects. Newcomb Institute’s technology programs are directed by Dr. Jacquelyne Thoni Howard.

Graphic Design
Aisha Champagne

Camille Boechler (LA *21)
Madeline Bolin (LA ‘23)
Emma Brick-Hezeau (LA ‘21)
Jasmine Davidson (LA ‘20)
Roger Dunaway
Elizabeth Townsend Gard
Michael P. Kuczynski
Maya Schioppo (LA ‘22)
Gabe Christian-Solá
Sue Strachan (NC ‘86)

Paula Burch-Celentano
Cheryl Gerber
Jeff Johnston
Liz King
Chinwe Orie
Kevin Scott
Katie Small

The H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial College Institute (Newcomb Institute) is an interdisciplinary, academic center of Tulane University

We shape the future by educating students to achieve gender equity. 

Our mission is to develop leaders, discover solutions to intractable gender problems of our time, and provide opportunities for students to experience synergies between curricula, research, and community engagement through close collaboration with faculty.

We build ambition and confidence by connecting students with faculty, alumnae, donors, and women leaders outside of the classroom, giving them exemplars who inspire, share strategies, and foster community.

We overcome obstacles by searching to discover solutions to the most intractable gender problems of our time.

 We empower women by creating synergy between teaching, research, and community engagement as a research university.

 We facilitate undergraduates in conducting research with faculty.

 We produce, document, preserve, and share knowledge about women, gender, and feminism in the Gulf South.

 We develop leaders by fostering intellectual and activist communities.

 We honor the legacy of H. Sophie Newcomb by mobilizing the 30,000 graduates of Newcomb College and others who support gender equity to support undergraduates.

Lagniappe: Photos from the 2019-2020 School Year

September 27, 2019: Newcomb Institute partnered with Loyola University to host Elect Her, a national nonpartisan training program aimed at empowering and encouraging women to take on leadership roles on and off college campuses. The workshop featured a panel of local politicians and community leaders, including Sherae Hunter from the office of Community Outreach and Special Projects for Council member Helena Moreno, Judge Robin Pittman, judge for Orleans Parish District F, and Louisiana State Representative Polly Thomas.

Photos by Newcomb Institute Media and Communications Specialist Katie Small.


Newcomb Institute hosted a conference aimed at achieving gender equity in higher education, attended by scholars and leaders from universities across the country including UCLA, University of Massachusetts Lowell, University of Minnesota, Stanford University, Barnard College, Amherst College, Rutgers University, Oklahoma State University, University of Michigan and more. Director of Research Dr. Anna Mahoney organized the event while Newcomb faculty presented at the conference, including Executive Director Dr. Sally J. Kenney, Dr. Jacquelyne Thoni Howard, Dr. Aidan Smith, and Dr. Julie Henriquez Aldana. The conference concluded with a presentation on institutional support for public scholarship by Timothy K. Eatman.


Photos by Newcomb Institute Media and Communications Specialist Katie Small. 

Halloween 2019: The Newcomb Archives hosted a tarot salon and Josephine Louise Resident Faculty Mentors and Newcomb Institute staff Chloe Raub (NC ’07) and Anna Mahoney hosted a pumpkin painting social gathering for “JoLo” first-years.

Photos by Newcomb Institute Media and Communications Specialist Katie Small.