Name: Sue Strachan

Major(s) and Graduation Year(s): 1986, Bachelor of Arts, English

Based in: New Orleans, LA

Job Title: Freelance writer, editor, and publicist; volunteer

After covering New Orleans art and culture for more than 25 years, alumna Sue Strachan (NC ‘86) has published her first book, The Café Brûlot.

“The Café Brûlot examines the cocktail that was born of a legend and has endured through the centuries, showcasing New Orleans’s love of flavored drama. A combination of coffee, liquor, and fire, Café Brûlot also goes by the name Café Brûlot Diabolique, “devilishly incendiary coffee.” Varying somewhat depending on what restaurant makes it, the base ingredients of this unusual after-dinner drink are coffee, brandy, sugar, cinnamon, lemon, oranges, cloves, and sometimes an orange liqueur. Although the drink may have originated in France, Café Brûlot is primarily mixed in New Orleans, making it a unique Crescent City tradition. In this entertaining little book, [Stachan] delves into the history of the cocktail, the story of its various ingredients, and the customary implements used to serve it.” – The LSU Press, 2021

Sue’s affinity for bridging food and community does not end with her literary accomplishments. Her volunteer work focuses on food insecurity, working with Hands On New Orleans and Creative Aid. She has also helped Creative Response, an arts organization; and more recently, provided meals to those in need with the hurricane relief organization, ResQue.