The H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial College Institute remembers all of our alumnae who have passed away in 2022.

Photo of Carolyn Elsa Robbert Davis (1921-2022) on light blue background

Photo of Carolyn Elsa Robbert Davis

Carolyn Elsa Robbert Davis


Carolyn Elsa Robbert Davis was born in New Orleans, Louisiana to Albert August Robbert and Louise Wolff Robbert. She graduated from Newcomb College in 1942 with a degree in mathematics. While at Newcomb, Davis was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society, Mortar Board National Honor Society, and numerous other honor societies recognizing scholarship, leadership and service. She was also elected Tulane’s Homecoming Queen in 1938 and was a Tulane cheerleader each of her undergraduate years. Davis later served as President of the Newcomb Alumnae Association (NAA) from 1968 to 1972, and served as a class agent for the Newcomb College Class of 1942 without interruption during her lifetime. In the 1990s, she also served another term on the NAA Board of Directors. In 1999, Davis received the Newcomb Service and Loyalty Award because of her unwavering commitment to and love for her alma mater. When her children were grown, Davis taught school-age expectant mothers for ten years in the Orleans Parish School System. She was also a realtor for fourteen years and then managed her son-in-law’s medical practice. During her lifetime, Davis participated in numerous organizations and served on many boards and committees with grace and enthusiasm.

Photo of Judith “Judy” Bondurant Spencer on light blue background

Photo of Judith “Judy” Bondurant Spencer

Judith “Judy” Bondurant Spencer


Judith “Judy” Bondurant Spencer was born in San Antonio, Texas to Dr. William Bondurant, Jr. and Martha Nieminen Bondurant. She attended Alamo Heights High School and graduated from Newcomb College with a degree in English. In 1963, she married Norman Spencer, and the couple had two children, N. Stuart and Martha. Spencer returned to San Antonio and chaired various English, speech, and drama departments within the San Antonio Independent School District. She also spent ten summers directing Off Broadway Players, a theater group out of First Presbyterian Church, in addition to obtaining a master’s degree in English from Incarnate Word College, focusing on Mexican American literature. After retirement, Spencer would spend eight years as Director of Christian Education at St. David’s Episcopal Church, San Antonio. Her board memberships, fundraising, and volunteering on behalf of San Antonio institutions continued throughout her life. These groups included the KLRN Community Advisory Board, Los Compadres de San Antonio Missions National Historic Park (now Mission Heritage), the San Antonio Conservation Society, Planned Parenthood of South Texas, San Antonio Teachers Council, Texas State Teachers Association, and First Presbyterian Church.

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Ruth Jean Felder Shelton

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Beverly June Silberling

Marian Petchesky Silver

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Eleanor Genevieve Smith

Marie Louise Levy Steuer

Kathryn Hansen Sullivan

Beth Greenwald Sweet

Linda Lee Talmadge

Suzanne Elizabeth Deddish Taylor

Karin Ann Verdon

Margaretha Yvonne Laan Viguerie

Ursula A. Vonrydingsvard Von Rydingsvard

Virginia McConnell Walker

Kathleen Marie Kehl Waltman

Deborah Gardner Whalley-Kendrick

Jane K. Wheelahan

Florence Jones Witt

(This information is to the best of our knowledge as of August 12, 2022.)