Photo of Sarah Jones

Photo of Sarah Jones

Senior Research and Outreach Associate, DRG Talent Consulting Experts

LA ’20


In the world of nonprofit organizations, finding strong and empowering leadership is a challenge. Sarah Jones, the Senior Research and Outreach Associate for DRG Talent Consulting Experts, meets daily with executive leaders hoping to change the political, social, and economic ecosystem, and helps them find the organizations that suit both their passions and professional trajectories.

“I always tell people that this field found me,” explained Jones. “After a few weeks into the role, I knew that my work could have a direct impact on rethinking and even innovating practices and initiatives that could not just lead to more individuals from diverse backgrounds having access to senior leadership roles, but that they will have resources to ensure their success.”

Prior to DRG, Jones workED for a Black maternal health nonprofit in communications and fundraising. As a student at Tulane, Jones was a Newcomb Scholar, participated in the Reproductive Rights and Reproductive Health Internship Program, and attended PLEN and Feminist Camp.

“Through my mentors and various leaders I’ve met through Newcomb programming and my studies at Tulane, I’ve learned how to advocate and to have what others would consider difficult conversations,” described Jones. “I’ve learned how to have the courage (and the energy to continue) to discuss issues of diversity in the workplace, salary transparency, and flexibility in my work/life balance.”

Jones hopes to learn from the executives she encounters in this work. Using her experience of unpacking hiring processes and organizational demands, she would like to merge this with her academic background and think critically about workforce development and organizational ownership, particularly for Black, Indigenous, women and femmes of color.

“I hope to research and propose pathways for them to not only obtain the resources and skills to operate their own nonprofits, but to sustain and expand them.”