Photo of Rebecca Martin

Photo of Rebecca Martin

Senior Advisor, Cybersecurity Engineering & Operations, Dell Technologies

SSE ’17


Freedom and flexibility can be rare experiences in the world of science and technology, but for Rebecca Martin, they are a daily occurrence. As Senior Advisor for Cybersecurity Engineering and Operations at Dell, she enjoys curating her projects and centering her role around her interests.

“When I began studying cybersecurity at Tulane, the field was not as widely talked about as it is today,” described Martin. “I felt that cybersecurity would only become more prevalent over time and wanted to be ahead of the game. The field is constantly evolving and my work feels both relevant and exciting.”

Martin has been steadfast in her pursuit of a career in technology since her days as an undergraduate student. While at Tulane, she was an intern and research assistant in the Collat Media Lab (now the Technology and Digital Humanities Lab), attended the Grace Hopper Conference, and was a member of Newcomb’s Women in Technology (now Equity in Technology) student organization.

“I would not be where I am today without Newcomb Institute and Tulane’s support and investment in women in technology,” expressed Martin. “My internships with the Collat Lab were fundamental in providing me with hands-on experience through my projects with several technology nonprofits in New Orleans. These projects laid the groundwork for my prospective job conversations later at the Grace Hopper Conference for Women in Computing. While the Women in Technology student organization was small during my tenure as a student, the opportunities provided by Newcomb were hugely influential in each of our careers.”

Martin hopes to have a positive impact on the young women following in her footsteps as her career continues to progress.

“I hope to rise to a place in my career where I inspire young women in technology and influence changes in the industry to provide more opportunities and more support for women in the field.”