Photo of Maggie Herman

Photo of Maggie Herman

Senior Legislative Assistant, U.S. House of Representatives

PHTM ’15


The intersection of politics and policy is a dynamic space that gives Maggie Herman the opportunity to learn something new every day. As a Senior Legislative Assistant in Congress, she is able to combine her intellectual interests of public health and political science while improving the lives of others through thoughtful policy.

“Having the opportunity to work on policies that make communities more healthy, equitable and fair is so exciting and rewarding,” described Herman. “It’s also really cool to sometimes feel like I’m witnessing, and in a small way participating, in history first hand.”

Collaboration is key in the world of policy, and Herman is grateful to work among a diverse group of political minds that share her passion for healthcare policy issues.

“I get to meet so many interesting people,” said Herman. “Passionate advocates, policy experts, and other public servants-it is fun to be able to learn from new people.”

Teamwork has long been an important facet of Herman’s professional journey. While at Tulane she served on the Newcomb Senate and utilized a Newcomb grant to intern with the New Orleans Regional AIDS Planning Council, which sparked her interest in health policy. As an alumna, she has served as a mentor through the Newcomb Mentoring Program.

“The experiences I was able to have with the support of Newcomb helped me realize my passion for advancing women’s empowerment and health equity,” reflected Herman. “Newcomb exposed me to new ideas and successful women leaders, which helped give me the confidence to dream big and pursue my goals.”

Herman never imagined her academic curiosity and ambition would lead her to a career on Capitol Hill. As she looks forward, she hopes to be an active member of a supportive community where she and her colleagues will collectively strive to make the world a better place.

“Wherever I find myself a decade from now, I hope to be leading a meaningful life filled with friends, family, knowledge, and new experiences.”