Photo of Helen Marsh

Photo of Helen Marsh

Account Manager, McDermott Will & Emery’s Farragut Square Group

LA ’19


For Helen Marsh, her favorite part of her role as Account Manager for Farragut Square Group is working at the intersection of healthcare and finance and being a part of the puzzle that leads to innovative healthcare solutions.

“Every day is different, so one day, we might be focused on diabetes, and the next day, it might be cardiology, which keeps it interesting,” explained Marsh.

Marsh credits her discovery of this passion to her mother, whom she says knew Marsh’s education and interests would lead her to this career path.

“My mom’s famous words, among others, were ‘healthcare, healthcare, healthcare,’” recounted Marsh. “While I had not intended to listen so keenly to those words, she has a way of knowing what is best.”

Marsh’s tenure as President of Newcomb Senate instilled in her the importance of knowing where she stands, communicating the facts to stakeholders, listening, and keeping everyone on the same page.

“My time with Newcomb and the Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship (SISE) program taught me to invite more people to the table,” said Marsh. “It can be easy to fall into a routine, but I have found that asking someone new to join the conversation often leads to bigger and brighter ideas.”

As for the future, Marsh hopes to spend her time uplifting women in a field that is still marked by much gender inequity and discrimination.

“By the time I am 35, I see myself figuring out how to support women in finance and across the workplace, continuing to ask my mentors for their insight, and if I’m lucky, collecting Newcomb pottery.”