Photo of Emily Galik

Photo of Emily Galik

Catalyst Legal Fellow, Developmental Disabilities and Health Care, Disability Rights Maryland

LA ’18


At a time where the legal world is becoming increasingly accessible, Emily Galik is transforming the theoretical training she received in law school into tangible legal assistance for those living with disabilities. In her role as the Catalyst Legal Fellow for Disability Rights Maryland, Galik finds her work most rewarding when she can decipher complex paperwork and legalese and produce the answers her clients are urgently seeking.

“My liberal arts education taught me to pick up on and critically consider details, and my legal work allows me to use that skill to explain concepts and situations that aren’t necessarily intuitive,” explained Galik. “Pursuing a public sector legal career meant I could enter a field where my skills were useful, and be able to give back as a basic staple of my job.”

Hands-on guidance is truly a gift Galik is paying forward, having received mentorship and advice herself as an undergraduate student participating in the Newcomb Scholars Program. She also received grants through the Newcomb Summer Internship Program and the Institute’s partnership with PLEN.

“The connections I formed gave me guidance that helped me be admitted to an elite law school, and the confidence to maintain my ultimate career goals in an environment that has a bit of a subtextual pressure towards the private sector,” expressed Galik. “In moments of doubt, I could always rely on my Tulane and Newcomb networks to provide words of encouragement.”

The versatile nature of the legal sphere has instilled in Galik great optimism for what is to come as she furthers her career.

“Whether I’ll be of most help through direct legal services or by working within a government institution, I want to be where my skills and work go the furthest to help people access the help they need.”