Photo of Cora Boyd on magenta field with collage elements

Photo of Cora Boyd 

Founder and Love Life Consultant, Cora Boyd Enterprises

Head Dating-Relationship Coach and Content Creator, Flirt Harder and Magnetics Love School

Host, Pillow Talk Radio with Cora Boyd and Date Night Live with Cora Boyd

LA ’15


A multi-passionate creator, a relationship expert, and for many, a literal lifesaver, Cora Boyd has made your business her business as an all-around dating and love life consultant and media personality. By expressing herself through a variety of professional outlets, Boyd feels she can maximize the impact her work has on those around her.

“I have intentionally designed a career for myself in which I feel fully expressed professionally and personally across my favorite platforms, media, and passions,” expressed Boyd. “The #1 predictor of happiness is the quality of our relationships, and it is so gratifying to see the ripple effect of positivity from the work my clients and I do together.”

Before launching her own business, Boyd spent two years working as a professional matchmaker at a company founded by Elle Magazine’s E. Jean Carroll. Prior to that, she studied English, Spanish, and Psychology at Tulane.

“It became clear to me through this experience that there was a high desire among men to better understand and connect with women, to improve their relational and dating skills, to sharpen their emotional intelligence, and to embody more of their healthy masculinity…and that most of the dating support available to them was pickup artists and teachers perpetuating toxic masculinity and manipulative behaviors,” explained Boyd. “And so, I decided to start my own business supporting men in the realm of love and coaching them.”

During her undergraduate years, Boyd was a Newcomb Scholar, a student worker, and a Newcomb grant recipient. Her grants allowed her to teach English at Colegio Rudolf Steiner in Santiago, Chile and be the Community Artist Liaison at an international artists’ retreat at SOMA México in Mexico City, Mexico.

“My time as a Newcomb Scholar taught me to be a self-starter,” reflected Boyd. “I learned to trust my vision and to believe in my ability to see my projects through to fruition. I learned the benefits of examining the world through an interdisciplinary lens, and I received a stellar education in gender politics. All of this has massively informed the work I do today.”

Boyd’s business has grown exponentially in the four years since its inception, serving hundreds of clients. Boyd has also collaborated with Tinder, NPR, TVNZ, and more. Notably, a video featuring Boyd from the popular media company CUT currently has more than thirty million views on the company’s YouTube channel. In the video, Boyd uses her immense expertise to singlehandedly determine couples who are dating among a group of strangers.

“Change starts at the personal level,” said Boyd. “I have seen that the interpersonal dynamics of dating are a microcosm for larger dynamics within society. I feel a great sense of purpose and passion in knowing that the work I do creates a ripple effect of respect, love, healing and mutual appreciation between men and women.”

As for the future, Boyd sees both her business and herself continuing to grow.

“I hope to be leading a tight-knit team, writing books, hosting a TV show, designing a fashion line, speaking at events, collaborating with other creatives, and mentoring and investing in women-led companies,” expressed Boyd. “And of course, I hope to be lounging by the pool eating stuffed grape leaves and reading many books.”