Photo of Alexa Authorlee on magenta field with collage elements

Photo of Alexa Authorlee

Consulting Analyst, Accenture Consulting Development Program

B ’22


For Alexa Authorlee, working in the financial field presents an opportunity to uplift and think through solutions for medium-sized firms that are often overlooked in favor of larger institutions. As an incoming Consulting Analyst for Accenture, she looks forward to a career predicated on advocacy for others and herself, and it was this outlook that led her to pursue this opportunity instead of an offer from another finance organization.

“I realized working at a large financial institution for 12 hours a day and not feeling satisfied with my work was not what I wanted from life,” said Authorlee. “I made the hard but fruitful decision to explore other fields.”

Empowerment has been a key personal value for Authorlee since her time as an undergraduate student. She was an active participant in Newcomb Institute’s Town Mom Program and received the 2022 Dorothy Young Memorial Award and the Class of 1909 Prize to the Outstanding Senior.

“Throughout my Tulane career knowing how to garner all possible resources and tap into why something is needed or deserved has been essential to founding and leading the student organizations that I have been involved with and getting my career started,” reflected Authorlee.

Authorlee is excited to have found a professional home with Accenture, and she looks forward to bringing a healthy dose of compassion and empathy to the world of finance through her work with them and her own future business ventures.