Photo of Lauren Wethers on a yellow field with collage elements

by Lauren Gaines (LA ’20)

After braving a global pandemic and the disruptions of the past two years, Newcomb Institute shines a light on those individuals who, despite unprecedented setbacks, delays, and cancellations, have gone on to become trailblazers in their industries. NEWCOMB 30 Under 30 is not merely a celebration of accomplishments. It is a celebration of the journey, the process of identifying and pursuing one’s passions, and the spirits of ambition, reinvention, and perseverance. The common thread amongst the members of this cohort–some of whom are second and third generation Newcomb legacies–is their deep connection to Newcomb, its history, mission, and vision.

In the profiles that follow, each 30 Under 30 honoree discusses the positive impacts made on them by Newcomb Institute, alumnae, and the programming made possible through the generosity of alumnae and friends. As we continue to navigate a political landscape that challenges our mission of educating undergraduates to achieve gender equity, this year’s honorees remind us that Newcomb Institute’s success lies in our ability to empower future generations to utilize an intersectional, feminist lens in all their pursuits. Their growing ascendancy in the fields of politics, education, philanthropy, business, technology, healthcare, and many more disciplines are a true testament to the legacy of Newcomb, and illustrate that when one of us wins, we all win.